Bridge Building Formulas

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id description formula shortFormula units
Stress in Beam Determines the internal forces within a beam stress = moment*distanceFromNeutralAxis/secondMomentOfArea σ = M*c/I NewtonPerSquareMeter
Shear Force in Beam Measures the force that causes parts of a material to slide past each other in opposite directions shearForce = ∫(dMoment/dx) dx V = ∫(dM/dx) dx Newton
Bending Moment in Beam Calculates the reaction induced in a structural element when an external force is applied, causing the element to bend bendingMoment = ∫(shearForce dx) M = ∫(V dx) NewtonMeter
Deflection of Beam Calculates the displacement of a point on the beam under load deflection = load*length^3 / (48*modulusOfElasticity*secondMomentOfArea) δ = PL^3 / (48EI) Meter
Natural Frequency of Bridge Determines the frequency at which the bridge will naturally vibrate naturalFrequency = (1/2π) * √(stiffness/mass) f_n = (1/2π) * √(k/m) Hertz
Buckling Load Determines the critical load at which a column will buckle criticalLoad = π^2*modulusOfElasticity*secondMomentOfArea / (effectiveLengthFactor*length)^2 P_cr = π^2*EI / (KL)^2 Newton
Tensile Strength Measures the resistance of a material to breaking under tension tensileStrength = load/area σ_t = P/A NewtonPerSquareMeter
Load-Bearing Capacity Determines the maximum weight the bridge can hold loadBearingCapacity = allowableStress * area P = f * A Newton


Name Values Coverage Question Example Type Source SortIndex IsComputed IsRequired IsConceptDelimiter Crux
id 8 100% What is the ID of this concept? Stress in Beam string 1 false true true
description 8 100% A brief description of the formula's purpose in bridge building Determines the internal forces within a beam string 1.9 false
formula 8 100% The mathematical formula or equation stress = moment*distanceFromNeutralAxis/secondMomentOfArea string 1.9 false
shortFormula 8 100% The abbreviated version. σ = M*c/I string 1.9 false
units 8 100% The units of the result of the formula NewtonPerSquareMeter string 1.9 false