Best Lumber

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id description durability moistureContent workability density hardness growthRate
Douglas Fir Commonly used in construction for its strength and availability Moderate 12-15% Good 530 660 24
Southern Yellow Pine Known for its high density and strength, often used in heavy construction Moderate 8-12% Moderate 580 870 20
White Oak Highly durable and resistant to moisture, used for both interior and exterior applications High 8-12% Fair 770 1360 12
Black Walnut Valued for its workability and aesthetic appeal, commonly used in fine furniture and finishes High 8-12% Excellent 610 1010 24
Red Maple Versatile and widely available, used for furniture and flooring Moderate 6-8% Good 630 950 24
Eastern White Pine Lightweight and easy to work with, used in millwork and cabinetry Low 12-15% Excellent 380 380 36
Western Red Cedar Naturally resistant to decay, used for outdoor applications like decking and siding High 10-12% Good 390 350 24
Sugar Maple Hard and strong, ideal for flooring and butcher blocks Moderate 6-8% Fair 740 1450 12
Sitka Spruce Known for its high strength-to-weight ratio, used in aircraft and marine applications Low 12-15% Good 450 510 24
Ponderosa Pine Widely used in construction for its workability and availability Low 12-15% Good 420 460 18


Name Values Coverage Question Example Type Source SortIndex IsComputed IsRequired IsConceptDelimiter Crux
id 10 100% What is the ID of this concept? Douglas Fir string 1 false true true
description 10 100% A brief description of the tree's properties and uses Commonly used in construction for its strength and availability string 1.9 false
durability 10 100% The natural durability of the wood against decay and pests Moderate string 1.9 false
moistureContent 10 100% The typical moisture content of the wood when used in construction 12-15% string 1.9 false
workability 10 100% The ease with which the wood can be cut, shaped, and finished Good string 1.9 false
density 10 100% The density of the wood in kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m^3) 530 number 1.9 false
hardness 10 100% The Janka hardness rating of the wood, measuring its resistance to wear and denting 660 number 1.9 false
growthRate 10 100% The growth rate of the tree in inches per year 24 number 1.9 false